At Powell Picano we often take on furniture and cabinet making students for short-term internships. Students will often come to us from across Europe and spend anywhere from a few days to a few months with us in order to gain some experience and learn from our team of skilled makers and designers. We believe in real world, tactile making experience in order for students to get a real sense of the job and so while here students receive hands-on experience with live projects and learn about the design process, different making techinques and a variety of finishings.

Those who have had interships with us have left with new found knowledge and experience of real furniture making, and more often than not we learn a lot from them too!

Below are some testimonials from previous interns:

Florent Pinzuti

John and everyone at Powell Picano were really welcoming and instantly made me feel part of the team. From the offset it felt like my contribution, however modest, was valued and appreciated. Every effort was made to clearly explain each task I was given and to ensure that I was also benefiting from my time with the company.

It was great to see how a professional joinery business operates, especially one with such a clear focus on quality and attention to detail. Everyone was passionate about their work and took pride in creating high end products.

The small size of the team also makes for a more personal and rewarding experience as an intern. A highlight for me was to come on site and see the initial stages of a kitchen fitting towards the end of my internship.

Overall It was a great experience and a valuable addition to my furniture design and making studies. It was also an added bonus to meet a fantastic bunch of people! Thanks guys!

Gael Pellerin

When I decided to change career and was considering to retrain as a furniture maker, I was lucky to find the Powell Picano team. Upon my request they invited me to their workshop so I could have a look and a first experience of the life within a commercial furniture workshop. My day there, and discussion with the different people of the team convinced me that it was the right path for me. I joined the Building Crafts College in Stratford, London, and did a two year course in Fine Woodworking.

In my first year, I contacted Powell Picano again and spent a total of six weeks as an intern with the team.  It was great to be part of the working environment and apply what I was learning at school, see the differences, watch large pieces of fitted cabinetry being made, use new materials, experiment new finishes, etc... Everyone made me feel like I as part of the team. The fact of being around and see what was happening in the design process, the technical drawings, the making techniques, allowed me to learn a lot. During my second year at school, I had to design and make my own pieces of furniture. In one of them I incorporated red Valchromat which I discovered during my internship and used finishes that I had seen there as well.

At the end of my second year, I was really pleased to see the team coming to New Designers and see my work being exhibit and even if they could not offer me an employment after my graduation, John recommended me to another company and help me to secure a job!

If it was not for Powell Picano, my woodworking career would have been completely different. Before I joined my school, if I had ended up in a bad workshop with an unpleasant team I might have never start my woodworking career. Powell Picano team welcomed me and shared their knowledge with me. I will be forever thankful for that.

Anna Cornish

Powell Picano Ltd kindly offered me a two-week work experience opportunity last Summer, in between year one and two of my Fine Furniture Diploma course. I found them very encouraging from the outset and they took an awful lot of trouble in giving me experience and opportunities to learn. They are a very friendly team who are obviously very enthusiastic in what they do.

As a woman going into this profession, I was particularly pleased (and relieved) that they demonstrate a very strong equality ethic which makes a considerable difference when you are not feeling confident as it is!!

I learnt a lot in that fortnight, and I would highly recommend any new starter to take any opportunities with them that comes their way.

Leon is back! by john hannah

Leon did and internship with us last summer as part of his degree from the HMC furniture school in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We were impressed with Leon’s skill level, confidence and singing voice, so when he applied for a full time position as a graduate, we were happy to take him on.


Farewell Rebecca by john hannah

Our Dutch intern Rebecca is off today back to the Netherlands to complete her furniture design and making studies. She's been a valuable member of our team for the last 2 months and we'll be sad to see her go. Rebecca's technical skills have impressed us all and we're sure she'll go far in this industry. Veel succes Rebecca!

Rebecca and Nathan
Rebecca on the saw

Highpoint I by john hannah

Highpoint I

Revisiting our kitchen and living area joinery in London's Highpoint Building. The building's listed status and period details made for some interesting challenges. 

Wikipedia have this to say about the building. 

Highpoint I was the first of two apartment blocks erected in the 1930s on one of the highest points in London, England at Highgate. The architectural design was by the Russian-born architect Berthold Lubetkin, the structural design by the Anglo-Danish engineer Ove Arup and the construction by Kier.

Highpoint I was built in 1935 for the entrepreneur Sigmund Gestetner, but was never used for its intended purpose of housing Gestetner company staff. One of the best examples of early International style architecture in London, this block of 64 flats was very innovative in its day.

When the building was completed, it became widely renowned as the finest example of this form of construction for residential purposes. When Corbusier himself visited Highpoint in 1935 he said, "This beautiful building .... at Highgate is an achievement of the first rank." And the American critic Henry Russell Hitchcock called it, "One of the finest, if not absolutely the finest, middle-class housing projects in the world." In 1970 this reputation gained official recognition when both Highpoint blocks were classified Grade I within the historic buildings listing programme.

New Materials by john hannah

We're working on a kitchen with some interesting new material combinations. Black Fenix NTM laminate pressed onto a black Valchromat core. the fenix laminate has a wonderfully matte surface whilst the black Valchromat core allows us to machine our handle details into the panel in any way we chose. In this video one of our team Roy is cross cutting some smaller parts on the panel saw.

Sara by john hannah

Our Intern Sara from Denmark finishing some kitchen doors. These have an mdf core with solid edging, and blue Fenix NTM laminate faces. Sara is studying furniture making in Copenhagen and is on a work placement with us for the summer.We try to have an intern working with us at all times. It's always good to have fresh design ideas and a different perspective on things.   

Our Intern Sara from Denmark finishing some kitchen doors. These have an mdf core with solid edging, and blue Fenix NTM laminate faces. Sara is studying furniture making in Copenhagen and is on a work placement with us for the summer.We try to have an intern working with us at all times. It's always good to have fresh design ideas and a different perspective on things.   

by john hannah


Goodhood Store by john hannah

We recently worked with Goodhood producing their main cashier area from Corian and melamine faced birch ply. We also made some display stands in birch ply and softwood.